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Shutdown / Startup DPA

This article provides simple steps to shutdown and startup Networker DPA services

Sky Q Hub lights explained

Confused by the lights on your Sky Q Hub when glowing solid, flashing or even off? This article explains and how to troubleshoot common problems.

How to refresh Apps on your Sky Q box

If your Sky Q TV apps are missing or the app freeze 15-30 seconds after starting, then use these steps to try and fix the issue.

Configuring DNS services in Solaris 11

Modifying /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/resolv.conf to configure naming services is depricated in Solaris 11, We now perform this task using SMF.

Writing man pages

Every good program that can be used from the UNIX shell should be documented with a good man page.

Patching a Solaris System using Live Upgrade

Solaris Live Upgrade is not limited to only OS upgrades; you can use it to manage downtime and risk when patching a system.

How to setup a DHCP client in Solaris

Setting up a Solaris system as a DHCP client is fairly straight forward, it's just a matter of setting up files on your system.

Using "sneep" to find/set the chassis serial number

sneep is a utility that displays the chassis serial number for a given Solaris system. A handy tool to use when inventoring your data centre.

How to display Routing Table

On Linux systems the routing table maps destinations to the router and network interface that IP must use to reach that destination.

Shutting down and rebooting a Linux system

When it comes to shutting down and rebooting a Linux system the shutdown command is only command you need to know to do both jobs

Changing the default Solaris 11 locale

In Solaris 10 you had to edit the /etc/default/init file to chance the default locale, now with Solaris 11 it is defined in SMF.

How to enable USB write protection in Windows 10

Introducing an unknown USB device into a network can cause a host of security headaches. Take away the threat in Windows 10 in just a few short steps.

Creating an LDOM step-by-step

This article acts like a demo showing step-by-step instructions on the creation of a new LDOM, assigning resources and installation of the Solaris OS.

Enabling the Solaris Auditing subsystem

To configure the Solaris Auditing subsystem on Solaris 9 or Solaris 10 we simply run the bsmconv command-line utility from the /etc/security directory

Integrating VMware with NetWorker

This article provides procedures for backup and restore of virtual machines deployed on a VMware vSAN data store using EMC NetWorker 9.1, 9.2 and 18.1

Clearing Linux memory cache and swap

Every Linux system has three options when clearing cache without interrupting any processes or application services.

Adding a SAMBA user

This is a short how-to post to provide simple steps to add users to a SAMBA environment.

#man RTFM

RTFM is often used as a response to technical questions. Unfortunately, some folks do not even know how to find the manual, let alone understand it.

VxVM command line cheat sheet (part 2)

This article is aimed at providing a list of basic and advanced command-line examples for Veritas Volume Manager.

Sending a ZFS snaphot

You can use the zfs send command to send a copy of a snapshot stream and receive the snapshot stream in another pool

Upgrading to Solstice Backup 6.1

An action plan showing the steps required to upgrade to Solstice Backup 6.1 from previous versions.

Installing Nibbleblog on Ubuntu 16.04

This article describes how to install Nibbleblog on a Ubuntu 16.04 system running Apache and PHP.

How to use zlogin to Shutdown and Start a zone

You must be the global administrator or a user with appropriate authorization in the global zone to perform these procedures.

Enabling and adding NIC teaming to a virtual machine

Although you can add NIC teaming to a virtual machine, it's not a Hyper-V feature but functionality of the Windows Server used for network workload

Converting VHD files to VHDX files

Microsoft have been using the VHD format since the one created by Connectix in 1995 to allow Windows 3.1 to run on Mac computers.

How to reset MySQL root password

Have you forgotten MariaDB root password? You don't know how to recover it. Not to worry, use these steps to reset MariaDB root password.

How to reset MariaDB root password

Have you forgotten MariaDB root password? You don't know how to recover it. Not to worry, use these steps to reset MariaDB root password.

How to clear Exadata Storage Alerts

The cleaning process of events automatically recorded when a problem occurs can be done automatically and sometimes it is not cleaned automatically.

Private and public key pairs for SSH

SSH has a key management capacity and related agents.When configured with public key authentication, your key proves your identity to remote SSH hosts

SSH configuration and security best practices

Here is a list of processes and configurations that you can use to tighten and enhance SSH security with regard to remote host access

Sun Serial number locations

A simple table which provides a listing of where to locate the serial number on various Sun related products.

Move a NetBackup image catalog to new location

In preparing to move the NetBackup image catalog from one location to another, it is recommended to perform a full catalog backup beforehand.

ZFS Send and Receive

ZFS has the ability to send and receive data. This can be used to combine snapshots, create backups, or replicate data between servers

Renaming a ZFS zpool

Renaming a zpool is not as intuitive as I would expect, but it is still pretty simple. However, we can accomplish this through a three step process.

Assigning a Volume Name to a Solaris disk

Having a large number of disks can be a challange for sysadmins. By giving each disk a volume name may make it easier.

Deleting Windows temp files

Any file under the Windows Temp folder is safe to delete. But that isn't the only place that temporary files are stored on Windows computers.

How to configure robots for NDMP devices

The NetBackup NDMP extension with a tape device attached to the NAS device allows a NetBackup Master Server to backup/restore files from a NAS device.

NetBackup Recovery without Import

Veritas NetBackup now supports a method of recovering image information without having to import from a tape.

Creating a Flash Archive Recovery (FLAR) Image

This article provides simple instructions to create a Flash Archive image that can be loaded onto the target system to recover from a failed drive.

How to rename a SAM-QFS file system

We use the samfsck command to rename a SAM-QFS file system after making the necessary changes in the mcf file.

SAM-QFS Manager Logging

To generate a SAM-QFS Manager troubleshooting report, run the /opt/SUNWfsmgr/bin/fsmgr_report command to create the /var/tmp/fsmgr.overall.log file.

Configure DNS services in Solaris 11 using SMF

The previous method of modifying a configuration file to configure naming services no longer works we now reply on SMF.

List directory contents of an ISO image

isodump is a crude utility to interactively display the contents of iso9660 images in order to verify directory integrity

Extract a single file from ISO image

isodump is a crude utility to interactively display the contents of iso9660 images in order to verify directory integrity

Recreating /dev/null in Solaris

A simple procedure to recreate /dev/null on a Solaris system using the mknod command to create a special character device.

How to Change or Set hostname on OEL/RHEL/CentOS 7

Unlike OEL/RHEL/CentOS 6, manually appending “HOSTNAME=xxxxx” into file /etc/sysconfig/network and restarting system will not work on version 7.

NetWorker NSR Log Viewer

Within the NetWorker Config Checker 1.1 there is an additional application called NSR Log Viewer.

Deleting Savesets in NetWorker 7.5x

In versions of NetWorker 7.4.x and below, it was always possible to use nsrmm to delete savesets that exist on disk backup units

Adding fonts in Solaris 11

fontconfig is used to manage all types of fonts including PostScript and TrueType fonts in the Solaris desktop environment.

Installing Manual pages in Solaris

You need to have both the SUNWdoc and SUNWman packages installed on a Solaris system in order to view manual pages.

Adding International Language Support in Solaris

A locale is a collection of files, data and sometimes code which contain the necessary information to adapt Solaris to a specific language.

Changing UIDs and GIDs for a user

A quick procedure to change the UID and GID for a given user using the usermod and groupmod commands.

Installing Solaris boot blocks

This post discusses how to install the boot block on a Solaris system running either the older UFS file system or the newer ZFS root file system.

Performing a ZFSSA factory reset

A factory reset of ZFSSA will reset the appliance configuration back to factory settings of the current software version, and reboot the appliance

Merging Legato NetWorker Servers

This document provides the necessary steps to allow Backup Administrators to Migrate or Consolidate several Legato NetWorker servers.

Solaris Secure by Default

This project changes the default configuration of the Solaris OS such that ssh is the only network-listening service.

Solstice Backup Server Recovery (pre 6.x)

A procedure to recovering from the loss or corruption of a Solstice Backup servers critical files including the index, media index, and resource files

Solstice Disksuite (SDS) Cheat Sheet

Solstice DiskSuite is a software product that enables you to manage large numbers of disks and the data on those disks.

Installing PHP GeoIP on Ubuntu

A simple article providing the steps necessary to get GeoIP working with PHP on Ubuntu systems.

Quick start on Oracle 8i and Solaris

This page assumes you want an oracle install on a single disk, with minimum memory, to just play around with oracle and learn the basics.

Restarting ACSLS

To restart the Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) Software, simply perform the following steps.

How to backup VCS Configuration

hasnap - backs up or restores a predefined and user defined list of VCS configuration files on each node in the cluster.

Veritas File System (VxFS) Cheat Sheet

This article is aimed a providing a list of basic commands for Veritas File System (VxFS).

How to disable Unity overlay scrollbars in Ubuntu

How to easily restore the classing scroll bar (disable overlay scrolling) or to re-enable it if disabled under Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 LTS

Sun Cluster 3.x Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet contains common commands and information for Sun Cluster versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.

Veritas Cluster (VCS) CLI reference guide

In VCS configuration, each cluster contains systems, service groups and resources. Service Groups contain a list of systems belonging to that group.

Setting VxVM permissions on volumes

Witihout using vxedit to change permissions VxVM device files go back to the defaults each time vxconfigd is enabled or the system rebooted.

Creating a Solaris FLAR image

A Solaris FLAR image can be used for reinstalling the OS one the original host and other systems.

Resetting Solaris LDOM to factory default

If you remove the LDOM before restoring the factory default configuration, you can restore the factory default configuration from the service processor

Running Gramps genealogy on Solaris 11 Express

A simple article on how to install the Gramps (Genealogical Research Software) on the Solaris/OpenSolaris Operating Systems.

Running Gramps Genealogy program on Solaris 10

A simple article on how to install the Gramps (Genealogical Research Software) on the Solaris/OpenSolaris Operating Systems.

Setting up an SSHD failover daemon in Ubuntu

A simple article on how to create a failover SSH server on a Ubuntu system, allowing you to connect on an alternative port of the original SSHD fails

XP Tweaks

Here, we've assembled 10 fast n' easy tweaks for any PC that break the factory mold and improve performance.

Solaris Zone status and Configuration

This article describes how to display the Solaris Zone Status and Configuration from the global zone.

Listing avilable Solaris 10 services

Under Solaris 10 we use the svcs command to provide information about services, including their status.

Veritas NetBackup cheat sheet

This a quick cheat sheet of the commands that can be used when using Veritas NetBackup

xargs examples

xargs command are unlike most other Unix commands in that its function is not so much to do something on its own, but to construct other commands

How to remove an AFTD in NetWorker 8

With NetWorker 8 this process has been simplified; now you just un-mount the AFTD and select delete.

How to test phone home on Celerra

A simple step-by-step guide on how to test phone home on a Celerra system

Testing ping with jumbo frames

Depending on the OS you are running determinas which command and options to use in your testing.

How to Shutdown ZFSSA from CLI

Shutdown a ZFS Storage Appliance (or one node of the appliance) from CLI without typing 'Y' to the confirmation.

How to Identify the ZFSSA Serial Number

The goal of this document is intended to help identify the correct serial number associated with a ZFS Storage Appliance.

Installing the ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator

This post is a quick start guide to getting the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator up and running on your desktop

Renaming a ZFSSA nodename

A step-by-step instructions to change the nodename of a ZFS storage appliance

Removing failed jobs in a DPA report

What this setting does is allow failures to be discounted when there is a successful backup of the same job within a given time frame.

Configuring puppet on Solaris 11

A short article on the introduction and how to manage Solaris 11 systems using puppet.

How to check OEM agent status on Solaris

This article provides the steps necessary to check the status of the OEM agent on any given Solaris system

Installing Oracle OEM agent on a Solaris host

This post provides the simple steps necessary to install the Oracle Enterprise Manager agent on a given Solaris system.

Installing Windows Server Backup

WSB is not installed by default. The feature installation is made by Server Manager. After installation, the tool can be accessed via console or CLI.

Uninstalling VMware Workstation from a Linux Host

This article provides the simple steps needed to uninstall the VMware workstation from a Linux host. You must run the command from a Linux server.

Configure KMS encryption on a UNIX NetBackup server

This article provides the necessary actions needed to install and configure Key Management Service (KMS) encryption on a UNIX NetBackup master server.

Configure KMS encryption on a windows NetBackup server

This article provides the necessary actions needed to install and configure Key Management Service encryption on a windows NetBackup master server.

Upgrading NetBackup 5.x to 6.0

This article provides simplistic overview steps of performing an upgrade of your NetBackup environment from 5.x to release 6.0

Recovering from a lost root password under Linux

This article provides a quick procedure on how to recover a lost root password frm virtually any version of Linux which uses the GRUB boot loader.

What is the NetWorker hostid?

NetWorker uses hostid for authorization code. hosted depends on the IP address of the computer used.

How To Reconfigure Libraries under NMC

This article is to tell you how to Reconfigure Libraries or Jukeboxes in NetWorker using the NMC (NetWorker Management Console) GUI interface.

Configuring a basic firewall under Ubuntu 14.04

This article provides a quick reference to UFW commands that will create iptables firewall rules are useful in common, everyday scenarios.

How to run SPcollect on EMC Navisphere

This article provides the simple steps needed to gather SPCollects from the EMC Navisphere.

How to run SPcollect on EMC Unisphere

This article provides the simple steps needed to gather the SPCollects from the Unisphere Maager.

Creating a free iSCSI SAN with OpenFiler

This article makes use of the OpenFiler product to create an iSCSI target for an iSCSI SAN.

NetWorker Data Zone and Hosts

Another way to define a data zone is to say it is the set of hosts managed by a single NetWorker server.

Cloud device integration with NetWorker

The NetWorker Cloud Backup Option provides support for backing up to both private (onsite) and public (offsite) cloud configurations.

Tomcat 7 on CentOS 7

This post provides a basic installation and configuration of Tomcat 7 on a CentOS 7 server.

Moving from LAMP to LEMP

LAMP is a popular server stack using apache to deliver dynamic content; LEMP utilises ngnix to achieve the same open source technologies.

Installing BMC Patrol Agent 9.5

This topic describes how to perform a first-time installation of the BMC patrol agent, which includes the system collectors and service daemon.

Removing VxVM from a Solaris root disk

This post provides an example of how to remove VxVM from a Solaris root disk. The operating system is mirrored between the two devices.

Sun Explorer Utility (SUNWexplo)

The Sun Explorer utility gathers information and creates detailed snapshots of a systems architecture and configuration.

Changing Avamar Passwords

Changing only the passwords for the operating system users does not sufficiently prevent someone from logging in to Avamar server nodes.

Converting Nibbleblog .htaccess to IIS

This post gives an example how to convert the .htaccess file provided with Nibbleblog when SEO is enabled into the equivalent IIS web.conf file.

SSH Cheat Sheet

This post provides me with a reminder of the syntax for the most useful SSH features I use whist auditing systems.

Editing (vi) large files in Solaris

Editing large files with vi may result in the error 'Not enough space in /var/tmp' may appear and prevents you from editing your file.

Dump device estimates in Oracle Solaris

The dumpadm program is a Solaris administrative command that manages the configuration of the operating system crash dump facility.

Migrating a Solaris 11 Kernel Zone

You can migrate a kernel zone to another host by using the zoneadm command. For zone migrations, a zone configuration must be portable across machines.

Using pkgcond to determine a zone type

The pkgcond command allows you to determine the type of target being operated on (global zone, non-global zone, diskless client, and so forth)

What is the NetBackup Catalog?

The NetBackup Catalog is the internal database that contains information about backups and configuration and should be protected regulary.

Backing up the NetBackup Catalog

The NetBackup Catalog is the internal database that contains information about NetBackup backups and should be protected.

When are jobs purged from jobsdb?

A process runs every 12 hours to check for entries to be purged also if a record's lifetime has passed the time limit it will be also be deleted.

Overwriting EDM tapes with NetWorker

Unfortunately, this feature has been implemented in such a away that will prevent you from overwriting EDM media with a NetWorker label in general.

How to rename a pool under NetWorker

Pools define to which set of media the data shall be saved, it is mandatory that each pool must have different data selection criteria assigned to it.

Data Domain system clock

When using AD mode for CIFS access, the data domain system clock time cannot differ by more than five minutes.

Configuring a CIFS Share

This article describes how to create a CIFS share on the data domain system and how to troubleshoot access to it.

DD Boost over Fibre Channel

This post provides the steps needed to configure DD Boost over Fibre Channel via the System Manager and/or via command line.

Configuring a CloudBoost Share

You must configure the shared data store immediately after you have deloyed the CloudBoost virtual appliance.

Connecting NetWorker to CloudBoost

Connect NetWorker to CloudBoost to send a NetWorker backup clone to CloudBoost.

Deploying the CloudBoost virtual appliance

After you configure the CloudBoost virtual app via vSphere cli you can login the CloudBoost management console to configure its deployment settings.

Configuring the CloudBoost virtual appliance

After you have installed CloudBoost virtual appliance, you must next configure the IP settings and hostname for CloudBoost from the VM console.

Downloading the CloudBoost encryption keys

Always download your Cloudboost Encryption keys at your earliest possible time as there is no way to retrieve them after a system failure.

How to Restart or Shutdown a remote Windows Server

When you attempt to restart a remote server remember that the default ComputerName is the local machine, therefore you need to append -m ComputerName.

NetBackup 6.0 Restore Process Flow

The steps correspond to the information shown in Figure 1 (below). Please refer to Figure 1 while reviewing the steps outlined.

NetBackup 6.0 Backup Process Flow

The steps correspond to the information shown in Figure 1 (below). Please refer to Figure 1 while reviewing the steps outlined.

Performing SharePoint backups with NetWorker

NMM enables more granular backup and recovery than a standard VSS SHAREPOINT save set which can only be restored in its entirety.

Configuring link based IPMP on Solaris

IP network multipathing (IPMP) provides a mechanism for building redundant network interfaces to guard against failures with network interfaces.

How to install and change locale in Solaris 11

In a default installation of Oracle Solaris 11, ten Core Locales are available. You can add support for additional locales using the pkg command.

Securing SSH on Solaris 10

It is strongly recommended that sites abandon older clear-text login protocols and use SSH to prevent sniffing of sensitive data off the network

How to obtain NetWorker license keys

This article generates a simple text file with the current active and previosly installed license keys for completeness.

Changing Oracle Enterprise Linux hostname

Either due to cloning or corporate naming standards, you may find the need to change the hostname of an Oracle Enterprise Linux System.

Disabling Spotlight under Mac OS X (updated)

If like me you're not a fan of Spotlight and want to disable it completely then you can hese simple steps.

RM6 drivutil examples

Allows you to obtain drive and LUN information, revive a LUN, fail and unfail a drive, and obtain LUN reconstruction progress.

Changing the Oracle VM Manager User Password

The Oracle VM Manager user lets you log in to the Oracle VM Manager Web UI. This article provides the steps required to change the admin password.

How to create 1GB zeroed sparse file

A sparse file is a type of file that attempts to use file system space more efficiently when blocks allocated to the file are mostly empty.

Solaris System log (syslogd) overview

Efficient event log syslog analysis reduces system downtime, increases network performance, and helps tighten security policies in the enterprise.

Finding Solaris release and kernel info

Do you need to determine which release of Solaris you are running? Or other useful information that comes with it? The read more

Solstice DiskSuite Soft Partitions

SVM provides the ability to create more partitions than the limit of 7 using traditional partitions. Such partitions are called soft partitions.

Verifying the blocksize of an NTFS volume

This simple post provides details on how to verify the block size of an NFS volume, using the fsutil command.

Creating dummy files with mkfile/fsutil

The following command will create a dummy file in the specified path with the specified size (in bytes):

Special file permissons (setuid, setgid and sticky bit)

setuid and setgid are unix access rights flags that allow users to run an executable with permissions of the executables owner and group respectively

How to analyze NetBackup unified logs

For legacy NetBackup logs which is located under /usr/openv/netbackup/logs , below numbers can indicate to you the severity when troubleshooting.

Disable Idle Device Timeout under NMC

To prevent devices from being unloaded from the drives while scanner is in use, you must temporarily disable the Idle Device Timeout attribute.

Resolving NetWorker duplicate volume names

This can occurs when Relabelling existing or new media via the command line or using the GUI where cartridge barcode differ to the internal label

How to hide Windows 2012 Server Manager at login

If you have a server which is low on resources, having to wait for the server manager process to finish loading can be a little bit painful

NetWorker checkpoint restart backups

The checkpoint restart feature allows a failed backup operation to restart at a known good point prior to the point-of-failure during the backup.

Mounting DFS on Oracle Linux

A short article on how to mount a DFS (distributed file system) on an Oracle Linux 5.11 system.

Identifying an ethernet (MAC) address in Solaris

Identifying a ethernet MAC address in Solaris as a non-root user is not as difficult as people think. arp, netstat and prtpicl are your friends.

Resizing Solaris swap partition online

A short tip on how to increate the size of swap online for a given Solaris system under zfs.

DB2 backups with EMC NetWorker

Backing up a DB2 client using the EMC NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications (NMDA)

Setting up a NetWorker Dedicated Storage Node

With the introduction of Legato NetWorker 7.0 a dedicated storage node can back up only its own local data and a DSN license is required.

Listing files in a NetWorker saveset

At first glance the answer this is not straight forward, but the answer is quite simple; Using two commands mminfo and nsrinfo we get the results.

Setting the NOTSCAN flag on a volume in NetWorker

nsrim is unable to remove expired savesets which prevents data domain from performing housekeeping and prevents removing any data from the volumes

Avamar Integration with Data Domain

Benefits of integrating an Avamar system with Data Domain on the backend would be a flexible architecture and lots of plugins for applications

NetWorker Environment Tuning

To obtain maximum efficiency and system utilisation, there are parameters that can be adjusted to tune the NetWorker environmen

Sizing a NetWorker Server and Storage Nodes

Several factors affect a NetWorker server performance, including CPU, memory, paths and IO bandwidth and network bandwidth

Disabling services in Solaris 10

To disable a service under Solaris 10 we use the svcadm command.

Creating Avamar backup schedules from CLI

Creating an avamar schedule for your backup policies is a must for any systems administrator. This post shows you how to step-by-step.

VADP Recovery using command line

Prereqs to a successful VADP restore are that the virtual machine be removed from the Inventory in VCenter.

Viewing and acknowledging Avamar events via CLI

Avamar events can be quite tedious to acknowledge when you have a large number appearing in the GUI. This one-liner tip will acnowledge all events.

How to mount an ISO image under Solaris

A simple procedure to mount an ISO image under the Solaris OS and present the image to Guest zones.

Starting and Stopping Solaris services with svcadm

svcadm issues requests for actions on services executing within the SMF. Actions for a service are carried out by its assigned service agent.

Troubleshooting ZFS

Most ZFS errors I've experienced generally fall into one of three categories. missing devices, damaged devices and data corruption.

ZFS Hardware Maintenance

Once the drive has been physically replaced, run the 'zfs replace' command against the device to allow it to be brought back online.

ZFS Data Protection

ZFS is a transactional file system. For each write request, a copy is made of the specified block protected by Copy-On-Write (COW)

ZFS Zones

If the filesystem is created in the global zone and added to the local zone via zonecfg, it may be assigned to more than one zone

ZFS Filesystem Management

Similar filesystems should be grouped together in hierarchies to make management easier.

openSUSE Quick Reference Guide

This article provides a quick reference guide for the open SuSE operating system

Restoring Solaris files with NetWorker 7.x

This is a simple step-by-step guide on restoring files on a given Solaris system using the NetWorker recover command-line utility in NetWorker 7.x

How to retrieve Avamar serial numbers

The methods listed in this article are for obtaining the serial numbers from Avamar DataStore Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4 hardware

How to retrieve an Avamar system id

To retrieve an Avamar system id, you must login as either the root user or admin on your Avamar utility node, and execute the mccli command

Verifying Solaris 11 version

To check your software to see if they meet minimum version requirements for installation you can use the uname comand, however...

Oracle VM 3.4 Server Log Files

The Oracle VM Serverlog files you should check when troubleshooting problems with Oracle VM Server

Changing the Oracle VM Dom0 Memory Size

The Oracle VM Agent password is used by Oracle VM Manager when you discover an Oracle VM Server.

Basic VxVM Commands

This post provides a list of basic Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) commands

ZFS Quick Reference Guide

ZFS uses the concept of storage pools to manage physical storage. Historically, file systems were constructed on top of a single physical device.

Using the Hyper-V Best Practices Analyzer

The Best Practice Analyzer for Hyper-V has 74 scans to identify which settings are not configured, based on the Microsoft documentation and practices.

Installing EMC PowerPath on Solaris

EMC PowerPath for Solaris automates data path management, failover and recovery, and optimizes load balancing to ensure application availability.

PowerPath command examples

In this post we discuss how to use powermt command with practical examples.

ZFS Pool Management

When disks are added to an existing mirrored or RAID Z pool, the ZFS is resilvered to redistribute the data.

How to unexpire a user login in Solaris

Using the usermod command on Solaris allows a sysadmin to unexpier/unlock a users login account

ZFS Dataset Size

A simple entry on how to discover or set the size for a given ZFS dataset as occasionaly we need to increase the size of a ZFS dataset.

Setting up Solaris 10 Accounting subsystem

To configure the Solaris Auditing subsystem on Solaris 9 or Solaris 10 we simply run the bsmconv command-line utility from the /etc/security directory