How to move NetWorker Server License to a different server

To move your Legato NetWorker server license from one server to another, follow these steps:

  1. Use NetWorker to perform a full backup of all the filesystems on the old NetWorker server.
  2. Shut down the NetWorker daemons on the oldsvr, using the nsr_shutdown -a command.
  3. Make a tar image of the entire /nsr directory from the oldsvr, and reload it on the newsvr. If /nsr is a symbolic link on the oldsvr, make sure the newsvr has the /nsr symbolic link setup also.
  4. Shut down your oldsvr and disconnect all the devices.
  5. Shut down the new machine, add the hardware devices to the newsvr, and restart both machines. Start up the old machine first, and then the new one.
  6. Install Backup on the newsvr. If you have an autochanger, do not select the option to start the Backup daemons. Refer to the instructions in the Legato NetWorker 5.1 Installation and Release Notes to learn how to install and test the NetWorker device drivers. Because you create a new host, you must correctly define the index entry for the new host before you start the Backup daemons. Correct the index entry using one of the two methods:
    1. Name the newsvr with the same hostname as the oldsvr at the operating system level before you modify client resources.
    2. Create a new hostname for the newsvr with the same configuration choices as the oldsvr.
  7. To create a new hostname for the newsvr, follow these steps:
    1. Create a new hostname for the newsvr with the same configuration choices as the oldsvr.
    2. Delete the hostname entry for the oldsvr.
    3. Shut down the Backup daemons on the oldsvr and the newsvr:
      # nsr_shutdown -a
    4. Change to the directory containing the oldsvr index entry:
      # cd /nsr/index
      The entry for the newsvr hostname is empty.
    5. Delete the entry for the newsvr hostname:
      # rmdir newsvr
      You must remove this entry or the next step creates a subentry for the newsvr instead of the correct entry.
    6. Rename the old index directory to the newsvr hostname:
      # mv oldsvr newsvr
      The Backup daemons start up on the newsvr.
      newsvr syslog: Legato NetWorker Server: (notice) started
      newsvr syslog: Legato NetWorker Registration: (notice) invalid auth codes detected.
      newsvr syslog:
      newsvr syslog: The auth codes for the following licenses enablers are now invalid.
      newsvr syslog: The cause may be that you moved the NetWorker server to a new computer.
      newsvr syslog: You must re-register these enablers within 15 days to obtain new codes.
      newsvr syslog:
      newsvr syslog: License enabler #xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx (Backup Advanced/10)
    7. Reregister your new NetWorker server. After you move NetWorker from one system to another, you have 15 days to register the newsvr.
    8. After you have successfully moved your server, follow these steps:
      1. Verify that all the clients are included in the scheduled backups.
      2. Use the NetWorker recover program to make sure all the client indexes are visible and, therefore, recoverable.
      3. Back up the indexes on the newsvr or perform a full backup of the newsvr as soon as possible.

      Note: If you want to set up the oldsvr as a client, first remove all the NetWorker software and the /nsr directory from the oldsvr, then reinstall the NetWorker client software.