A collection of system administration hints and tips,tricks and articles for the Linux operating system in all its variants.

Setting up an SSHD failover daemon in Ubuntu

Aug 13, 2017

A simple article on how to create a failover SSH server on a Ubuntu system, allowing you to connect on an alternative port of the original SSHD fails

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rkhunter update fails with invalid WEB_CMD configuration option

Jun 6, 2017

An update to rkhunter will fail with Invalid WEB_CMD configuration option: Relative pathname: "/bin/false"

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Forcing RHEL to prompt for password in Single User mode

Jan 11, 2016

By default, RHEL doesn't prompt for a password and we are given root shell directly, as usually Single User mode can be used to reset root password.

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Clearing GPG BADSIGerrors during update

Dec 12, 2015

During a test build of Ubuntu 15.10 I suddenly received the following error when refreshing the packages from the repository.

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Mounting an Mac OS X install DVD in Ubuntu 14.04

Oct 21, 2015

This document describes how to use a Linux computer to extract the BaseSystem.dmg image file from an Mac OS X (10.7+) installation DVD

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Mounting DFS on Oracle Linux

Nov 4, 2015

A short article on how to mount a DFS (distributed file system) on an Oracle Linux 5.11 system.

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Uninstalling VMware Workstation from a Linux Host

Jan 14, 2015

This article provides the simple steps needed to uninstall the VMware workstation from a Linux host. You must run the command from a Linux server.

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Configuring a basic firewall under Ubuntu 14.04

Jan 11, 2015

This article provides a quick reference to UFW commands that will create iptables firewall rules are useful in common, everyday scenarios.

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Tomcat 7 on CentOS 7

Dec 19, 2014

This post provides a basic installation and configuration of Tomcat 7 on a CentOS 7 server.

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