How to setup NetBackup for Lotus Notes partitioned server

This document provides the basics for getting successful backups of a Lotus notes partitioned server using Veritas NetBackup ... This example is based on two Lotus Notes partitions on the same physical host.

Client Setup

Firstly, make sure the client file list contains following:

NOTES_INI_PATH = /data1/notes.ini
NOTES_INI_PATH = /data2/notes.ini

NOTE: We need to specify NEW_STREAM prior to each ln partition entry in the file list.

Next, in /usr/openb/netbackup/bp.conf on the NBU client, add:

LOTUS_NOTES_PATH = /data1:/opt/lotus/notes/latest/sunspa:/opt/lotus/notes/latest/sunspa/res/C

We only need to specify the first lotus notes partition. One entry is sufficient. It does not need to be replicated, or need to be different for each partition.

NOTE: There are three separate components of this path statement each separated by a colon (:). There are no "spaces" in the path.

      Component 1: Domino data directory (first installed partition)
      Component 2: Location of the libraries for Domino
      Component 3: Resource library for localization (c = english)