Can NetWorker temporary files under /nsr/tmp folder be deleted?

During NetWorker operations, there may be some residual information that was left in the NetWorker temporary directory as a result of an improper shutdown of NetWorker. The information left in this directory may impact the operations of a NetWorker server if not removed.

The temporary files under /nsr/temp (Solaris, UNIX and Linux) or \nsr\temp (Windows) folder can be deleted with following procedure:

  1. Make sure no backups or restores are in progress on the NetWorker server
  2. Stop NetWorker daemons (UNIX, Linix) or Stop NetWorker Services (windows)
  3. Delete all files under /nsr/tmp or \nsr\temp folder but leave the sec folder as it is
  4. Start NetWorker Daemons or Start NetWorker serviceson Windows

NOTE: Do not clear /nsr/tmp or \nsr\temp which NetWorker is running