Installing Oracle OEM agent on a Solaris host

This post provides the simple steps necessary to install the Oracle Enterprise Manager agent on a given Solaris system.

For the benefit of this article we shall be installing OEM Agent under the username oemagent

  1. Create a user to run the agent.

    # groupadd -g 1001 oinstall
    # useradd -u 1010 -g 1001 -d /export/home/oemagent -m -s /bin/ksh -c "OEM agent User" oemagent
  2. Set the desired password for the user

    # passwd oemagent
  3. Download the OEM agent zip image and extract.

    Assuming the agent zip file is copied to /var/tmp - unzip it

    # cd /var/tmp
    # unzip
  4. Create a folder for agent to install into and give user permissions to the folder

    # mkdir /agent
    # chown -R oemagent:oinstall /agent
  5. The OEM agent host needs to be able to resolve the OMS from DNS (not fqdn)

    # ping $OMS_HOST
  6. If it does not resolve, add search string to resolv.conf

    Solaris 10

    # vi /etc/resolv.conf

    Solaris 11

    # svccfg -s network/dns/client setprop config/search = astring: ("" "") 
    # svcadm refresh dns/client
  7. Switch user to previously created account

    $ su - oemagent
  8. Run install script

  9. Switch back to root to run final 2 scripts

    # <>/agent/core/
    # /export/home/emagent/oraInventory/