Displaying Sun Cluster release and versioning information

This is a simple procedure to display the version of Sun Cluster installed on a given system.

You do not need to be logged in as superuser to perform this procedure.

NOTE: Perform all steps of this procedure from any node on the global cluster.

Sun Cluster 3.0 and 3.1

Use the scinstall -pv command to display the version and release information. For example:

% scinstall -pv
SunCluster 3.1
SUNWscr:       3.1.0,REV=2000.
SUNWscdev:     3.1.0,REV=2000.
SUNWscu:       3.1.0,REV=2000.
SUNWscman:     3.1.0,REV=2000.
SUNWscsal:     3.1.0,REV=2000.
SUNWscsam:     3.1.0,REV=2000.
SUNWscvm:      3.1.0,REV=2000.
SUNWmdm:       4.2.1,REV=2000.

Sun Cluster 3.2 and 3.3

Use the clnode show-rev command to display the Sun Cluster release, include the -v flag to display the version details. For example:

% clnode show-rev

% clnode show-rev -v
Sun Cluster 3.2 for Solaris 9 sparc

SUNWscr:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscu:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWsczu:      3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscsck:     3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscnm:      3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscdev:     3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscgds:     3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscman:     3.2.0,REV=2005.
SUNWscsal:     3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscsam:     3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscvm:      3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWmdm:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscmasa:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscmautil:  3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscmautilr: 3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWjfreechart: 3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscva:      3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscspm:     3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscspmu:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscspmr:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscderby:   3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWsctelemetry: 3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWscrsm:     3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWcsc:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWcscspm:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWcscspmu:   3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWdsc:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWdscspm:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWdscspmu:   3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWesc:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWescspm:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWescspmu:   3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWfsc:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWfscspm:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWfscspmu:   3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWhsc:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWhscspm:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWhscspmu:   3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWjsc:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWjscman:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWjscspm:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWjscspmu:   3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWksc:       3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWkscspm:    3.2.0,REV=2006.
SUNWkscspmu:   3.2.0,REV=2006.