SAM-QFS Manager Logging

The SAM-QFS Manager automatically enables logging when it is installed. This log file contains general system information such as OS version, host name, and environment variables. It also contains package and version information for the software packages that support SAM-QFS Manager. It also includes configuration files that impact or are modified by SAM-QFS Manager.

The log file also contains data from the following SAM-QFS Manager log files:

  • /var/log/webconsole/console/console_debug_log
  • /var/log/webconsole/console/fsmgr.log
  • /var/log/webconsole/console/fsmgr.trace_syslog

The SAM-QFS Manager creates the fsmgr.log log file when the application starts. It records information about operations that the user performs, and whether those operations were successful. Do not delete or modify this file; doing so will cause logging to stop. When the web server restarts, it erases the contents of this file and creates a new fsmgr.log file.

The SAM-QFS Manager uses an additional file, /var/webconsole/fsmgr.log.lck, to ensure that only one process at a time writes to the log file. Do not delete or modify this lock file.

To generate a SAM-QFS Manager troubleshooting report, run the /opt/SUNWfsmgr/bin/fsmgr_report command to create the /var/tmp/fsmgr.overall.log file.