How to test phone home on Celerra

A simple post on how to test phone home on Celerra using the following steps.

  1. Logon to the Celerra in question using putty
  2. su to root
  3. Run
    # /nas/sbin/nas_connecthome —info
    Output below
  4. Run
    # /nas/sbin/nas_connecthome -test —email_1
    Failed output below:-
    [root@XXXXXXXX sbin]# /nas/sbin/nas_connecthome -test -email_1
      ConnectEMC ConnectEMC 2.0.28-bl75 Tue Oct 16 10:03:40 EDT 2007
      EMA API: EMAAPI 1.0.8-bl71  Tue Oct 16 10:03:33 EDT 2007
      Copyright (C) EMC Corporation 2003-2007, all rights reserved.
      Reading configuration file: ConnectEMC.ini.
      Run Service begin...
    Sending /opt/connectemc/poll/RSC_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_010312_162539828.xml.en2
    Error 14504231222: Test failed for the Primary Email.
    [root@XXXXXXXX sbin]#