Overwriting EDM tapes with NetWorker

With the release of 7.3, NetWorker is capable to recognise EDM tapes. This was done for users who wanted to migrate from EDM to NetWorker and had both media types in the same library. The idea was to prevent accidental erasure of valid EDM media.

Unfortunately, this feature has been implemented in such a away that will prevent you from overwriting EDM media with a NetWorker label in general.

For NetWorker 7.4 this is not a problem anymore. Simply set the new environment variable to overwrite EDM media.


If you do not set the above variable, you can still overwrite EDM tape labels without any additional requirements you will simply be prompted to confirm your action:

Are you sure you want to over-write EDM label with a new label?

Simply entering 'y' will overwrite the EDM label with a NetWorker label.