NetWorker Interoperability and backward compatibility

When you update the NetWorker server or Console server software from 8.0.x to 8.1.x, you can revert to the NetWorker 8.0.x software without additional steps.

However, after upgrading the NetWorker server or Console server from 7.6.x or earlier to 8.1.x, you CANNOT revert to an earlier version without additional steps.

The NetWorker Installation Guide provides the steps required to downgrade the NetWorker software.

Before you update any host in the data zone, review information in the table below about the interoperability and backwards compatibility.

The following table summarizes interoperability and backward compatibility requirements.

When updatingInteroperability Information
7.6.x and earlier storage nodes NetWorker 8.1.x server supports NetWorker 8.0.x and later storage nodes only. Update all NetWorker 7.6.x storage nodes to version 8.1.x before updating the NetWorker server. This includes storage nodes that are operating on standalone servers and dedicated storage nodes operating on application servers. Update storage nodes embedded within the EMC Disk Library (EDL SN) to NetWorker 8.0.x. EDL SN does not support NetWorker 8.1.x. Note: A NetWorker 8.1.x server disables NetWorker 7.6.x and earlier storage nodes.
7.5.x NetWorker server You cannot directly update a NetWorker 7.5.x server to NetWorker 8.1.x. Use the following method to update the hosts in a NetWorker 7.5.x data zone:
  1. Update the NetWorker 7.5.x server to version 7.6.x.
  2. Update each NetWorker storage node to version 8.1.x. NOTE: Update an EDL SN to NetWorker 8.0
  3. Update the NetWorker 7.6.x server to version 8.1.x.
  4. Update the NetWorker clients to version 8.1.x.
8.0.x or 8.1 NetWorker server with synthetic full backups Starting with NetWorker 8.1 SP1, you cannot set the synthetic full (synth_full) backup level for a group. When you update the NetWorker server to 8.1 SP1, the backup level for a group that was configured to use the synth_full backup level will be blank. Before you update the NetWorker server software from 8.0.x or 8.1 to 8.1 SP1 and later, change the backup level from synth_full to incr_synth_full for Groups and scripts that perform synthetic backups by using the savegrp command.
7.5.x Console server Update a NetWorker 7.5.x Console server directly to NetWorker 8.1.x when the Console server is not the NetWorker server.
NMM 2.3 clients NetWorker 8.1.x does not support NMM 2.3. Update hosts to NMM 2.4 SP1 before you update the NetWorker server and storage nodes.
Storage node NetWorker 7.6.x and 8.0.x server supports a NetWorker 8.1.x storage node.
Console server Console server 8.1.x supports NetWorker 7.6.x and 8.0.x servers. When the Console server is not the NetWorker server, update the Console server before you update the NetWorker server. NetWorker 7.6.x and 8.0.x Console servers do not support NetWorker 8.1.x servers.
Clients NetWorker 8.1.x server supports NetWorker 8.0.x and 7.6.x clients. The Client Configuration Wizard supports NetWorker 7.6 SP4 or later client only. NetWorker 7.6.x and 8.0.x servers and storage nodes support NetWorker 8.1.x clients.
Operating system Update the operating system first, and then update the NetWorker software.