Extract a single file from ISO image

Have you every needed to extract a single file from an ISO image? Using the isoinfo utility we can do just that.

From the isoinfo(1) man page:

isodump is a crude utility to interactively display the contents of iso9660 images in order to verify directory integrity.

Listing filenames in ISO image

Using isnfo with the -f flag we can list the contents of an ISO image.


isoinfo -J -i /path/to/your.iso -f > your.filelist


# isoinfo -J -i /downloads/myfiles.iso -f > /tmp/isofiles.txt

Extracting a single file

In reviewing the filelist output from the above command and confirming the exact path, we can extract a single file.

Using the -x filename option we can extract a single file


isoinfo -J -i /path/to/your.iso -x /file/from/filelist > extracted.file


# isoinfo -J -i /downloads/myfiles.iso -x /data/reports/20060726-nwkr.rep > /tmp/20060726-nwkr.rep