Viewing and acknowledging Avamar events via CLI

Acknowledging Avamar events via the GUI can be quite tedious when you have a large number of events. This article provides a one-liner to acknowledge them all from the CLI using the mccli command.

Firstly, lets review all the unacknowledged events:

avnod1:~/#: mccli event show --unack=true
0,23000,CLI command completed successfully.
ID Date Type Code Category Severity Domain Summary
-- ---- ---- ---- -------- -------- ------ -------

Once you have reviewed and fixed all the issues that caused these event, we can simply run the following to acknowledge them all in one sitting:

avnod1:~/#: mccli event ack --all=true
0,23000,CLI command completed successfully.
Attribute    Value
------------ -----

events-acked 0