How to retrieve an Avamar system id

To retrieve an Avamar system id, you must login as either the root user or admin on your Avamar utility node, and execute the mccli command.

# mccli server show-prop
0,23000,CLI command completed successfully.
Attribute                        Value
-------------------------------- ----------------------------
State                            Read Only
Active sessions                  0
Total capacity                   13.7 TB
Capacity used                    12.8 TB
Server utilization               93.4%
Bytes protected                  0 bytes
Bytes protected quota            Not configured
License expiration               Never
Time since Server initialization 956 days 19h:59m
Last checkpoint                  2013-11-19 13:41:37 UTC
Last validated checkpoint        2013-11-19 11:05:29 UTC
System Name                      SERVER
System ID                        1319203232@84:2B:2B:3D:5A:D2
HFSAddr                          hostname.fqdn
HFSPort                          27000
IP address             
Number of nodes                  4
Nodes Online                     0
Nodes Offline                    0
Nodes Read-only                  4
Nodes Timed-out                  0