Overview of NetWorker Snapshot Policy Attributes

When creating a new snapshot policy, you can specify the following attributes:-

  1. In the Name field, type the name of the snapshot policy. Note: You cannot rename an existing policy. You must delete all references to the policy, delete the policy name, then create the new policy name.
  2. In the Number of Snapshots field, specify the maximum number of snapshot backups that you want NSM to perform for this client per day on this array. Note: Ensure there will be enough time between NSM backups of the same save sets to ensure that the operations complete. A time interval that is too short will cause NSM to skip the backups of some snapshots.
  3. In the Retain Snapshots field, specify the maximum number of snapshot backups that you want NSM to retain for this client on this array. After NSM retains this number of snapshot backups, NSM deletes as many of the oldest snapshots as necessary before creating new snapshots. For example, if you set Number of Snapshots to 8 and Retain Snapshots to 4, then NSM performs a snapshot backup eight times per day but retains only the four most recent snapshots. If you want a rollover-only snapshot policy, then set Retain Snapshots to 0 and select All for the Backup Snapshot Option setting. NSM will automatically delete the snapshot when its rollover completes.
  4. In the Snapshot Expiration Policy field, select the maximum lifecycle of the snapshot backups, after which NSM deletes the snapshots and their NetWorker save sets.
  5. In the Backup Snapshot Options field, select a setting to specify which of the snapshots, based on the Number of Snapshots setting, NSM will roll over to conventional backup media:
    All snapshots Rolls over all snapshots
    First snapshot Rolls over the first snapshot of the day
    Last snapshot Rolls over the last snapshot of the day, based on the expected maximum Number of Snapshots value.
    Every _____ snapshots Rolls over each snapshot in an ordinal sequence specified by one or more numbers separated by commas. For example, 3 (every third snapshot), or 3,6,9 (every third, sixth and ninth snapshot).
    Do not back up snapshots Does not roll over any snapshots.