How to retrieve Avamar serial numbers

The methods listed in this article are for obtaining the serial numbers from Avamar DataStore Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4 hardware are given below.

For Avamar Datastore Generation 2 and Generation 3 nodes

Login to the node and execute the below command:

# omreport chassis frontpanel | grep "LCD Line"
LCD Line 1 : WCAAV094724045_100-580-602_A07_IP_192.20.10.107
# omreport chassis frontpanel | grep "LCD Line"
LCD Line 1 : NNG05104110103_100-580-604_A08_IP_192.20.20.109

From the above output, each entity is separated with an underscore (_):

1 Chassis serial number beginning with WCA or NNG WCAAV094724045 NNG05104110103
2 Chassis part number 100-580-602_A07 100-580-604_A08
3 node's IP address.

For Avamar Datastore Generation 4 nodes

The Avamar Datastore Generation 4 hardware consists of two different types of Dell nodes (R510 and R710). A new hardware information retrieval system is used and has a different command that will work on all Gen4 nodes.

To retrieve the serial number on a node, use the following command:

# ipmitool fru print 0 | grep "Product Asset Tag" | sed "s/^.*: *\(.*\)/\1/"

For convenience, here is a mapall command to be run on the utility node (as admin user with dpnid keys loaded) which will retrieve the serials on all the nodes in the grid.

# ssh-agent bash
# ssh-add ~/.ssh/dpnid
# mapall --all+ --quiet '/usr/bin/omreport chassis frontpanel | grep "LCD Line 1" | sed "s/^.*: *\(.*\)/\1/"'