Connecting NetWorker to CloudBoost

Use this procedure to connect your NetWorker environment to CloudBoost allowing you to send a NetWorker backup clone to CloudBoost.

Please refer to the EMC NetWorker Installation Guide and the EMC NetWorker Administration Guide documentation for information about installing and configuring NetWorker, storage nodes, and advanced file type devices (AFTDs).


  1. In the NetWorker NMC administration interface, create a new storage node as an AFTD device and provide the <FQDN> for CloudBoost. This must be a sub-directory under /mnt/magfs/base, for example,
  2. Create or choose a NetWorker backup clone to be sent to CloudBoost. The backup clone is sent to CloudBoost according to the scheduling settings in NetWorker.

Final thoughts, if you have not already done so, Download the CloudBoost encryption keys as there is no way to retrieve your encryption keys after a system failure.