How to recover NetWorker client data on different NetWorker server?

This is a simple procedure on how to recover the NetWorker client data onto a different NetWorker server or datazone.

If the client still exists on the old server you need to write down the clientid of this client

  1. From the new server create the client using the same clientid
  2. Run scanner -i <device> command to build the index and the media database

If the client is not exist on the old server

  1. Run scanner -m <device> to recover the media database for that client
  2. Run mminfo to get the clientid For example:
    # mminfo -av -c client -r'client,clientid'
  3. Create this client from the NetWorker GUI using the clientid from the mminfo command after you create that client in the /etc/hosts file
  4. Run scanner -i to build the index and media database for that client