Renaming a ZFSSA nodename

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to change the nodename of a ZFS Storage Appliance.

Note: The nodename is separate from any DNS names that are used to connect to this storage appliance which you would change remotely on the DNS services directly.

Changing the nodename via CLI

  1. Use ssh to connect to the ZFS Storage Applicance
  2. type: configuration to access the configuration context
  3. type: service to access the service context
  4. type: identity to access the identity context You can achieve the above on a single command
    fishworks:> configuration service identity
  5. type: show to see the available properties, for example:
    fishworks:configuration services identity> show
                       <status> = online
                       nodename = fishworks
                    syslocation =
  6. Use the set keyword for the nodename property to change the nodename and commit the changes, for example:
    fishworks:configuration services identity> set nodename="zfssa1"
                       nodename = zfssa1 (uncommitted)
    fishworks:configuration services identity> commit
    zfssa1:configuration services identity>
    As you can see from the last line in the above example, changes in the CLI are immediate, however the logfiles will not show the new nodename until the appliance is restarted.
  7. You can issue another show command to review the changes.
CLI one-liner

If you want a one-liner to perform the above via cli, you can type the following:

confirm configuration services identity set nodename="newname"

Changing the hostname via BUI

  1. Login to appliance [ https://(appliance.ip.address):215 ]
  2. Enter your username (typically root) and the associated password,
  3. Select Configuration,
  4. Under context 'Configuration' select Services,
  5. Under context 'Services', scroll down to System Settings and select System Identity,
  6. Enter your new nodename,
  7. Click Apply.

Changes in the BUI are immediate, however the logfiles will not show thw new nodename until the appliance has been restarted.

One final thought ... You may want to consider de-activating ASR and re-activating after the changes, this will ensure that the support information held on the Oracle Support servers is correctly associated with the 'new' nodename.