Performing a ZFSSA factory reset

Performing a ZFSSA factory reset

A Factory reset of a ZFS Storage Appliance will reset the appliance configuration back to factory settings of the current software version, and reboot the appliance. All configuration changes will be lost, and the appliance will need to go through initial configuration again, as when it was first installed.

NOTE — This process will completely destroy all configuration and data on the ZFS Appliance.

NOTE: User data on the storage pool (including projects and shares) will not be affected - however the pool will need to be imported as part of the initial setup process.

To perform a factory reset, use one of the following options::

CLI Enter the maintenance system context, then issue the factoryreset command, respond Y to confirm.
zfssa:> maintenance system
zfssa:maintenance system> factoryreset
We can also run it as a single statement:
zfssa:> maintenance system factoryreset
BUI Click the FACTORY RESET button on the Maintenance > System screen, and click OK

ZFSSA Factory Reset

  1. At the iLOM prompt, enter -> reset /SYS to reboot the system (if not stopped)
  2. Issue the -> start /SYS to start system
  3. Issue the -> start /SP/console to view the console
  4. At the GRUB menu...
    1. Wait for the GRUB menu to appear and will be editable for 10 seconds.
    2. Within the 10 seconds, Press e on the keyboard
    3. Select the line kernel... To navigate, use to go down and to go up.
    4. Press e on keyboard to edit this line
    5. Append " -c" to this line (spelt as "space hyphen c"). change...
      kernel$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/$ISADIR/unix -B zfs-
      to this...
      kernel$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/$ISADIR/unix -B zfs-
      bootfs=system/368,console=ttya,ttya-mode="9600,8,n,1,-" -c
    6. Press <return>
    7. Finally press b on keyboard to reboot.

Note: Factory reset of a single controller while configured into a cluster is not supported. The controller must be unclustered first.