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Rename an existing SAM-QFS file system?

Renaming a SAM-QFS file system is a two-step process. Firstly edit the mcf file then run samfsck to update the superblock

What is samfsinfo?

The samfsinfo command displays the file system structure for a specified file system

Repairing QFS file systems with samfsck

Whilst it is allowed to repair a mounted SAM-FS file system, you are encouraged to run the command on an unmounted file system.

SAM-QFS Manager Logging

To generate a SAM-QFS Manager troubleshooting report, run the /opt/SUNWfsmgr/bin/fsmgr_report command to create the /var/tmp/fsmgr.overall.log file.

Troubleshooting the SAM-FS Releaser

Most releaser problems are the result of Archiver, Stager, or Recycler related issues. Rarely is the releaser the root cause.

Troubleshooting the SAM-FS Archiver

This document is designed specifically to aide the resolution when you encounter issues with the SAM-QFS archiver.

Restarting the SAM-FS Archiver

This post simply provides the steps necessary to restart the SAM-FS archiver cleanly

How to rename a SAM-QFS file system

We use the samfsck command to rename a SAM-QFS file system after making the necessary changes in the mcf file.

Troubleshooting the SAM-FS Stager

An article designed specificall y to aide the resolution when you encounter issues with the SAM-QFS stager.