How to refresh Apps on your Sky Q box

Have you ever got into the state were your TV apps are missing from the Apps or Sidebar sections of your Sky Q box, or your Apps (ie: Prime, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube) freezes, or even get a blank screen 15-30 seconds after starting your app?

If so, follow these simple steps to resolve the problem!

  1. Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote
  2. Highlight Settings on the left-hand menu DO NOT PRESS SELECT
  3. On your remote press 0 0 1, then press Select to access the Installer menu.
  4. Select Apps, and highlight Refresh
  5. Select Refresh all Apps on this box. You'll then see the message:
    Your apps are being refreshed
  6. Press Dismiss to return to normal viewing.

If after you've performed an App refresh and you still have an issue — Contact Sky for support.