Redirecting an Avamar System State backup to another drive

On Windows 2003 AVAMAR client uses the NTBackup Utility to create a backup of the system state, it stores this backup in var in the avamar client install directory (C:\Program Files\avs\var\). If the space on that drive is limited you can set an attribute systemstatefile with a value of the full path to store the back up.

To modify the location for just one client individually:

  1. Log on the Windows client
  2. Go to the AVAMAR_INSTALL_PATH\avs\var directory
  3. Create a file named avtar.cmd.
  4. Edit this avtar.cmd file with notepad and add the parameter as given below: --systemstatefile=NEW_LOCATION For example:

NOTE You must include this location as part of the dataset of the File System backup