Disable Idle Device Timeout under NMC

I came across a unique situation at a customer site in Manchester where during a standard DR exercise devices were being unloaded when the scanner command was running. After some further investigations it turned out to be an issue with the Idle Device Timeout attribute set in NMC that the customer was advised to set in a previous EMC support call.

To prevent devices from being unloaded from the drives while scanner is in use, you must temporarily disable the Idle Device Timeout attribute, if it is configured.

To temporarily disable the Idle Device Timeout attribute:

  1. Connect to the NetWorker server through NMC.
  2. Click the Devices button.
  3. Click View and then select Diagnostic mode.
  4. Right mouse click the device that will be used to scan the required volume.
  5. Select Properties to modify the properties of the device.
  6. Select the Advanced tab.
  7. Set the Idle Device Timeout value to 0.
  8. Click Ok.