Creating Avamar backup schedules from CLI

Creating an avamar schedule for your backup policies is a must for any systems administrator. This article provides a one-liner on how to perform this task.

For this example we will create a backup schedule with the following attributes:

Schedule name DAILY_BACKUP
Avamar domain / (root domain) (ie: available to all policies)
Run date/time Weekdays, starting 18h00
Backup window duration 12h00
Timezone London

We use the mccli command with the schedule add to create the desired schedule. Therefore to create the schedule using the above information, we would perform:

avmod1:~/#: mccli schedule add --name=DAILY_BACKUP --domain=/ --days=Mu,Tu,W,Th,F --start=18:00 --duration=12:00 --tz=Europe/London

A similar exercise to create a backup schedule to have a weekly schedule that starts at 02h00 on a Saturday only and have a backup window for 24 hours. We could execute the following:

avmod1:~/#: mccli schedule add --name=WEEKLY_BACKUP --domain=/ --days=Sa --start=02:00 --duration=24:00 --tz=Europe/London