How to configure robots for NDMP devices

Configuring a robotic device and drives attached to a NAS device can be done through the GUI interface on the Master Server. However, sometimes the command line must be used from the Master Server in order to accurately install a robotic device.

Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) is a protocol developed to allow the backing up and restoring of data on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.


To configure the tape device from the Master Server's command prompt, implement the following steps:

  1. set_ndmp_attr -auth <NDMP device name> <root user>
    — Enter the NDMP device name as specified for the device and the root username for the NAS device. This will prompt twice for the root user password and connect to the NAS device.
  2. set_ndmp_attr -verify <NDMP device name>
    —This verifies a connection can be made to the NAS device and returns some configuration information.
  3. Create a telnet session to the NAS device using the root user. Inside the telnet session run:
    1. version
      — This verifies the version level of the NAS device. It is usually 5.3.6R1 or 5.3.6R2. Other versions are supported, but these work the best with NetBackup. It is possible to upgrade this version through the NAS device vendor.
    2. sysconfig -m
      — A return value of mc0 shows the robot is attached and recognized.
    3. sysconfig -t
      — This returns device names for robots and drives. Find and note the NRST0A values
    4. Quit the telnet session.
  4. set_ndmp_attr -robot <NDMP device name> MC0 0 0 0
    — This sets the robot for use with the NDMP device.

    Note: When issuing this command for NetApp Filers using OnTap versions prior to version 5.3.4, it is necessary to specify SP# and the controller, target, and lun numbers.

  5. tpconfig -add \
    -robot <robot#> \
    -robtype <robtype> \
    -robpath <robpath> \
    -vdbhost <master server>
    — This adds the robot to the NetBackup configuration.
  6. tpconfig -add \
    -drive -type <drive type> \
    -name <device name:nrst#> \
    -drstates UP \
    -robot <robot#> \
    -robtype <robtype> \
    -robdrnum <#>
    — It is imperative to perform this command on each drive to add it to the NetBackup configuration.

Following these steps should successfully configure the robotic device and drives for use with an NDMP device for most configurations.