Migrating from Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup to EMC NetWorker

Moving from Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup Software (EBS) or Solstice Backup (SBU) to EMC NetWorker is a straightforward procedure that is similar to an update to a newer release of the NetWorker software.

The media database, client file indexes, console database, and definitions within EBS and NetWorker software are identical.

For Sun Cluster installations, the instructions in the NetWorker installation guide are all still applicable, with the only difference being that you will add back the native NetWorker LGTO packages, instead of the SUNWebs packages.

It is recommended that you update from the identical major level of the EBS software to the NetWorker software prior to performing an upgrade. For example, for EBS 7.6.x, migrate to EMC NetWorker 7.6.x.

Licensing Considerations

Existing EBS customers can migrate to EMC NetWorker without the need to transfer or request new licenses.

To renew maintenance contracts, EBS customers can contact the EMC Maintenance and Renewals team appropriate to the geographic region:

  • Americas: Renewals_BRS_NA@emc.com
  • EMEA: Renewals_BRS_EMEA@emc.com
  • APJ: Renewals_BRS_APJ@emc.com
  • If additional licenses or add-on products are required, EBS customers can contact: ebs_to_emc@emc.com

If required, update the $PATH definition

The default location of the binaries will move from

/usr/sbin/nsr and /usr/bin/nsr

to the following:

/usr/sbin and /usr/bin

If the $PATH variable was changed to reflect the paths to the EBS application directories, use any user shell definition to update the $PATH value with the EMC NetWorker directory defaults.