How to view LDOM configuration as non-root user

If you try to view LDOM configuration information as a non-root user under Solaris, you will get the following error:

$ /opt/SUNWldm/bin/ldm ls
Authorization failed

To get around this you can assign the “LDoms Review” profile to grant this privilege to a given user, i.e.:

$ su -
# usermod -P "LDoms Review" username
# profiles username
LDoms Review
Basic Solaris User

Now, you can view the LDOM Configuration as the non-privileged user to which the privilege was assigned:

$ /opt/SUNWldm/bin/ldm ls
Name    State Flags  Cons VCPU Memory Util Uptime
primary active -n-cv SP   4    1G     0.3% 7d 23h 48m
alpha   active -n--- 5000 6    4G     0.2% 7d 19h 55m
bravo   active -n--- 5001 6    4G     0.2% 5d 31h 29m
charlie active -n--- 5002 6    4G     0.2% 5d 31h 29m