Resetting Solaris LDOM to factory default

The factory-default configuration is the configuration when you first time install the LDOM for SPARC software on to a fresh Solaris OS.

To set the physical server to factory-default configuration:

  1. Remove all the guest LDOMs
  2. Remove all the saved LDOM configurations
  3. Restore the factory default configuration
    1. from command line
    2. from service processor

1. Remove all the guest LDOMs

First step is to stop all the domains, unbind them and remove them (except the primary domain)

primary# ldm stop-domain -a
primary# ldm unbind-domain ldom_name
primary# ldm remove-domain -a

2. Remove all the save LDOM configurations

Now remove saved configurations if any. After you remove all the configurations the factory-default configuration becomes the default configuration on next boot. Next step to set it specifically to factory-default is not required but mentioned in case you want don't want to delete all the configurations.

primary# ldm list-config
pre112 [current]
primary# ldm rm-config pre111
primary# ldm rm-config pre112

3. Restore the factory default configuration

Now this can be done either from command line or from the service processor console.

  1. From command line
    primary# ldm set-config factory-default
    primary# shutdown -i1 -g0 -y
    Power cycle the server to get the factory-default configuration
    -> stop /SYS 
    -> start /SYS
  2. From service processor Shutdown the primary domain and login to the iLOM of the server and set bootmode configuration to factory-default.
    primary# shutdown -i1 -g0 -y
    -> set /HOST/bootmode config=factory-default
    do a power cycle to activate the factory-default configuration
    -> stop /SYS
    -> start /SYS