Configuring a CIFS Share

This article describes how to create a CIFS share on the data domain system and how to troubleshoot access to it.

A CIFS share is an existing folder on the data domain system that can be made available to other devices in the network if granted access. The share can be any folder under the /backup or /ddvar directories. Also, it does not have to be given the exact name of the folder, although it is recommended to avoid confusion. Please see the steps below on creating a CIFS share.

  1. Prepare the data domain system Connect with admin user to the data domain system using CLI
    • Verify CIFS is enabled
    • Verify the file system is enabled (required for mapping a drive to the data volume ie., /backup)
    • Determine the hostname of the data domain system
    At the data domain system prompt type:
    # hostname
  2. Create a share On the data domain system prompt type:
    # cifs share create backup path /backup
  3. Grant client access to the share On the data domain system prompt type:
    # cifs share modify backup client "server1.fqdn,server1,"
    NOTE:The vlient list is a comma-seperated list of clients that are allowed to access the share. Do not include ant whitespaces (spaces,tabs) and the list must be enclosed in double-quotes. For example:
  4. Connect to the CIFS share On the windows system, click on the Start button and choose Run, then type hostname and directory of the CIFS share as follows:
  5. Troubleshoot access to the CIFS share
    # cifs share show
    NOTE: Make sure that the folder being shared exists and is enabled on the DDR. You will see the following warning if the file dires not exist or was misspelled on creation.
    WARNING: The share patch does not exist!
    Make sure the share is enabled
    # cifs share show
    --------------- share backup ---------------
    enabled; yes
    path: /backup
  6. Confirm all client information on the access list and spelled correctly
  7. Verify network connectivity is working properly