How To Reconfigure Libraries under NMC

This article provides the steps needed to reconfigure libraries or jukeboxes in NetWorker using the NMC (NetWorker Management Console) GUI interface.

Configure NetWorker privilege is required to reconfigure a library or to add or remove access paths to the devices in a library. This includes access paths that allow libraries to be shared.

Considerations when reconfiguring a library:

  • The reconfiguration of stand-alone or file type devices is not supported. Instead, delete the stand-alone or file type device, and then create a new one.
  • The following procedure does not support adding NDMP devices to a non-NDMP library if both the NDMP server and the NetWorker storage node are on the same host. Instead, use the jbedit command.


  1. Run Scan for Devices, in case a device path has been added to, or removed from, the library since the latest scan.
  2. In the server's Administration window, click Devices.
  3. Select Libraries in the navigation tree. The Libraries detail table appears.
  4. In the navigation tree, right-click the entry for the library to be reconfigured, or open the Storage Nodes folder, open the library folder, and then right-click the library entry there.
  5. Select Reconfigure Library. The Reconfigure Library window appears. Note that the storage node name and library name cannot be changed in this window.
  6. Make appropriate changes in the Configure devices on various storage nodes using existing drive connectivity area, selecting or clearing checkboxes as necessary, or using the buttons at the right side of the area (Check All, Clear All, Reset). Drives that are already configured to be used by the library display check marks in the boxes adjacent to their names:
    • Selecting a box adds the drive to the library.
    • Clearing a box removes the drive from the library.
    • The Reset button returns the checkboxes to the condition they had when the Reconfigure Library window was opened.
  7. Click Start Configuration to reconfigure, or Cancel to leave the window.
  8. Run Scan for Devices to refresh the navigation tree and show the reconfiguration results.