A collection of system admin hints and tips, documents and articles for Legato, Solstice Backup and EMC NetWorker products in all their variants.

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Changes to the NMC database backup

NetWorker 18.2 performs an NMC database backup as separate backup action in the server backup workflow, which is part of the Server Protection policy.

Changes to NetWorker and Avamar integration

Beginning with NetWorker 9.0, Avamar integration support is deprecated for new clients. However, older integrations continue to be supported.

Changes to NetWorker VMware Protection

NetWorker 9.1.x and 9.2 releases feature a vProxy appliance, or NVP, for virtual machine protection.

Integrating VMware with NetWorker

This article provides procedures for backup and restore of virtual machines deployed on a VMware vSAN data store using EMC NetWorker 9.1, 9.2 and 18.1

Shutdown / Startup DPA

This article provides simple steps to shutdown and startup Networker DPA services

Troubleshooting NetWorker authorisation errors

This article provides a list of possible causes and resolutions for error messages that are related to NetWorker server authorization issues.

NetWorker 9.0 Avamar integration changes

Beginning with NetWorker version 9.0, support for EMC Avamar integration is deprecated for new clients.

NetWorker 9.0 Media database changes

In 9.0, SQLlite replaces WiSS as the media database providing advantages for object caching, parallel and bootstrap compatibility.