Virtialised clocks and timezones in Solaris

One of the newest features that I had had to implement on a customer site is to have virtualised clocks/timezones to support applications that need a requirement to run at different time, in a different timezones or to test specific time-related scenarios.

Within Oracle Solaris native zones, you can assign different time values in non-global zones that are different from the value in the global zone.

For example, to set the time value in a non-global zone:

# zonecfg -z church1e
zonecfg:church1e> set limitpriv=default,sys_time
zonecfg:church1e> set global-time=false
zonecfg:church1e> exit

Note: The ability to set different time values in non-global zones is still dependent on the time changes in the global zone. If you change the time in the global zone, the non-global zone time is offset by the same amount.