How to Identify the ZFSSA Serial Number

The goal of this document is intended to help identify the correct serial number associated with a ZFS Storage Appliance.

The ZFS Storage Appliance serial number can be found in one of the following ways:

Physically ZFSSA SerialOn the back of the server (controller) which manages the JBOD array stack
Browser ZFSSA Maintenance BUIVia the appliance BUI
  • Select Maintenance
  • Select Hardware tab
CLI From the CLI by issuing Maintenance > Hardware > List
zfssa1:> maintenance hardware list
            NAME       STATE    MODEL            SERIAL
chassis-000 zfssa1     ok       Sun Storage 7320 a1b2c3d4f5
chassis-001 000000000C faulted  J4410            000000000C
obtain the serial number from the chassis-000 line.