How to do initial configuration on Data Domain

Initial configuration include :

  1. Licensing configuration
  2. network configuration (IP address of Ethernet port A and B for DD , default gateway and DNS server IP)
  3. CIFS share configuration
  4. NFS Share configuration
  5. DD Boost protocol configuration
  6. VTL protocol configuration

  1. Login data-domain admin console In IE Brower , input IP address of data domain , enter username(sysadmin) and password.
  2. start configuration on DD
    1. Select “maintenance” -> system under “more task” menu
    2. click “launch configuration wizard”
    3. in the network screen , click “yes” to configure network
    4. In the NFS protocol screen , Click “yes”
    5. In the export screen , in Directory path field , type : /data/col1/backup
    6. In The export screen , under client section click green “+” sign, open a new client window, in the client field , type “*” , then click OK.
    7. In the export screen , under client section , ensure the check box next to client is selected, and click next.
    8. In the summary screen , review configuration and click submit
    9. For DD Boost protocol screen , if not to configure , click “no”
    10. For VTL protocol screen , if not to configure , click “no”