Sun Explorer Utility (SUNWexplo)

Sun Explorer is a data collection utility run on Solaris systems. This explorer gathers information and creates detailed snapshots of a systems architecture and configuration. The Sun explorer utility was designed to assist Sun Microsystems support engineers to perform effective analysis of a system.

Installing Sun Explorer

You need to install both the SUNWexplo and SUNWexplu packages in order to utilise the Sun explorer tool.

If want to install the Sun Explorer utility as part of the jumpstart installation, you can add the following lines to your JS profile:

package SUNWexplo add nfs IP_address:/export/software # Sun(TM) Explorer Data Collector
package SUNWexplu add nfs IP_address:/export/software # Sun(TM) Data Collector Config Files

Configuring Explorer

Before you can use the explorer utility, you need to configure the Explorer data file, using the command:

# /opt/SUNWexplo/bin/explorer -g

Running Explorer

To run the explorer once the configuration file has been create, simply use the following command:

# /opt/SUNWexplo/bin/explorer

the output is placed into the /opt/SUNWexplo/output directory.

Downloading Explorer

Download the Sun Explorer utility from the Sun Download page.

NOTE: Sun Explorer is bundled with the Sun Service Tools