Adding International Language Support in Solaris

A simple post describing the options available to install additional locales on the Solaris OE.

Solaris 10 added the new localeadm command line utility. It allows you to add support for specific geographic regions. For Solaris 7, 8 and 9 it requires that you pkgadd the right packages.

Solaris 10

With Solaris 10 a new CLI for controlling the installation and configuration of locale support on the system, called localeadm has been added to simplify the process. To view the currently installed locale, you simply type the following:

# localeadm -l -v
Verbose mode
Checking for installed packages. This could take a while.

..... (output ommitted for brevity) ....
Checking for India region (india) (verbose mode)
(c_solaris packages)
package SUNWeuluf not found
package SUNWinleu not found

No packages found.
..... (output ommitted for brevity) ....

This above command will list the currently installed locale related pkg files. The output of this report is saved in /usr/sadm/lib/localeadm/locales.list.

To instrall a missing locale (e.g. Western Europe region (weu)) using localeadm:

# localeadm -a weu -d /cdrom/cdrom0
locale/region name is weu
Adding packages for Western Europe (weu)
Region weu will be installed.
Operating System is Solaris 10
Checking for a valid disk image:
Devices are /cdrom/cdrom0
Checking for a solaris 1
We have a solaris1: 
Checking package SUNW5ttf......
Adding package SUNW5ttf
Processing package instance from 
## Installing package in global zone

..... (output ommitted for brevity) .....

## Executing postinstall script.
Installation was successful.

To remove the currently installed en_US locale pkgs, you issue the following command:

# localeadm -r en_US

Additional Examples:

localeadm -l check for available locale and whether they are fully installed
localeadm -q england check whether all localization for England has been installed.
localeadm -q weu check whether all localization for Western Europe have been installed.

pre Solaris 10

To install additional locales on Solaris 7, 8 or 9 you need to add the additional packages using the pkgadd command. The following pages list the packages you need to add:

In addition to the pkgadd to install additional locales we can also use the Product Registry GUI (prodreg) to install foreign language locale.


  • Solaris locale FAQ
  • Solaris man page
  • Solaris locale package listings: 10, 9, 8, 7.