Adding fonts in Solaris 11

The majority of applications within the Solaris desktop uses the fontconfig system for font management. The fontconfig provides a list of all the fonts available including PostScript Type 1 fonts and TrueType fonts.

This article describes how to add fonts for all users or for an individual user.

Adding fonts for all users

  1. Copy the font file into /usr/share/fonts directory
  2. fontconfig should update the lists of fonts automatically. If your new font is not listed, run
    # fc-cache directory-name

If you wish to place fonts in an alternate location, review the /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file for a list of directories where fontconfig looks to automatically update the library of available fonts

Adding fonts for an individual user

  1. Copy the font file to the $HOME/.fonts directory for the user
  2. Run fc-cache directory-name if your new font is not listed in your desktop environment.