How to unexpire a user login in Solaris

On a particular customer site as part of the systems security and server hardening I was requested to setup a system wide policy for changing passwords every 6 weeks. This is easily achievable by updating the /etc/default/passwd file with the desired entries. But what happens if a user doesn't change there password on time or a predefined expiry date has expired. You can use this post to change the passwords according.

# grep MAXWEEKS /etc/default/passwd

If a users login account has expired because they have not changed their password for more than 35 days, you can use this process to unexpire the account

# usermod -f 0 <username>

NOTE: A new password will now need to be assigned.

If the username has been set to expire at a particular date in the past and is now locked, use the following to unload and reactivate the account.

# usermod -e "" <username>