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Are you looking for an experienced Oracle Solaris Consultant? A Linux Infraastructure engineer? An EMC NetWorker Backup Specialist, Technical Author, or Consultant? Then I'm your man...

At Churchill IT Solutions Limited we do Unix/Linux systems, automation, virtualization, and data storage management. Providing enterprise level skills in system and storage environments.

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Our Services


    • Production of detailed Technical System Design and Build Documentation
    • Design, documentation and production of (shell script) code for bespoke systems
    • Automated (JumpStart) installation of servers
    • System upgrade assessments and investigations
    • Training in hardware and JET and any bespoke systems supplied
    • General troubleshooting


    • Reviews of critical systems to create a strategy for upgrade or replacement. From such reviews decisions can be made over the approach to any upgrade or replacement and a detailed implementation plan prepared and carried out.
    • Carry out an independent technical review and deliver recommendations of 3rd party proposals.


    All the current Oracle server products are catered for in design, consultancy and trouble shooting, including:

    Current Hardware

    • Superclusters
    • SPARC M7, M8
    • SPARC T7, T8, S7 and MiniCluster
    • x86/x64 X7 Servers

    EOL Hardware

    • High End Servers including M8000/9000
    • CMT - T5xx0, T3, T4 and T5
    • Sun Blade 6000
    • x64 Systems, AMD and Intel Xeon
    • Mid Range M4000/5000 and T5440
    • Entry Level M3000 and T51xx/T52xx
    • All EOL High End and Midrange E20/E25K and E10K.

    Training can be provided on customer supplied environments to help your staff migrate to the new technologies including multi-core and multi-threa dsystems.


    • Solaris all versions up to 11.4
      — Configuration and advice based on known Best Practices
    • JumpStart/JET installation of Solaris 10
      — Writing and documentation of bespoke modules
    • AI (AutoInstall) installation of Solaris 11
      — Configuration of Solaris repositories 11 for installation and patching
    • Virtualisation of Solaris/Sparc: Zones, LDoms
      — Design, documentation, implementation and training
    • Solaris Cluster 3
      — Design, Installation and configuration

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    Projects can range from a few days to several weeks and can be delivered either on a time and materials basis or to an agreed fixed price.

    • Rates vary according to the type and length of engagement, and the prevailing market conditions.
    • However long... A one off engagement, half-a-day professional services, a days consultancy, a week, 1/3/6 month(s), longer... All engagements considered.
    • Need a Systems Administrator or Backup specialist in a hurry? Never fear... If we are not available we have a network of past colleagues and professionals we would happily recommend!

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