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Are you looking for an experienced Oracle Solaris Consultant? A Linux Infrastructure engineer? An EMC NetWorker Backup Specialist, Technical Author, or Consultant? Then I'm your man...

At Churchill IT Solutions Limited we do Unix and Linux systems, automation, virtualization, and data storage management. Providing enterprise level skills in system and storage environments.

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Services Available


    • Production of detailed Technical System Design and Build Documentation
    • Design, documentation and production of (shell script) code for bespoke systems
    • Automated (JumpStart) installation of servers
    • System upgrade assessments and investigations
    • Training in hardware and JET and any bespoke systems supplied
    • General troubleshooting


    • Reviews of critical systems to create a strategy for upgrade or replacement. From such reviews decisions can be made over the approach to any upgrade or replacement and a detailed implementation plan prepared and carried out.
    • Carry out an independent technical review and deliver recommendations of 3rd party proposals.


    All the current Oracle server products are catered for in design, consultancy and trouble shooting, including:

    Current Hardware

    • Superclusters
    • SPARC M7, M8
    • SPARC T7, T8, S7 and MiniCluster
    • x86/x64 X7 Servers

    EOL Hardware

    • High End Servers including M8000/9000
    • CMT - T5xx0, T3, T4 and T5
    • Sun Blade 6000
    • x64 Systems, AMD and Intel Xeon
    • Mid Range M4000/5000 and T5440
    • Entry Level M3000 and T51xx/T52xx
    • All EOL High End and Midrange E20/E25K and E10K.

    Training can be provided on customer supplied environments to help your staff migrate to the new technologies including multi-core and multi-threa dsystems.


    • Solaris all versions up to 11.4
      — Configuration and advice based on known Best Practices
    • JumpStart/JET installation of Solaris 10
      — Writing and documentation of bespoke modules
    • AI (AutoInstall) installation of Solaris 11
      — Configuration of Solaris repositories 11 for installation and patching
    • Virtualisation of Solaris/Sparc: Zones, LDoms
      — Design, documentation, implementation and training
    • Solaris Cluster 3
      — Design, Installation and configuration

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    Projects can range from a few days to several weeks and can be delivered either on a time and materials basis or to an agreed fixed price.

    • Rates vary according to the type and length of engagement, and the prevailing market conditions.
    • However long... A one off engagement, half-a-day professional services, a days consultancy, a week, 1/3/6 month(s), longer... All engagements considered.
    • Need a Systems Administrator or Backup specialist in a hurry? Never fear... If we are not available we have a network of past colleagues and professionals we would happily recommend!

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