Upgrading NetBackup 5.x to 6.0

This article provides simplistic overview steps of performing an upgrade of your NetBackup environment from 5.x to release 6.0.

Prepare, Upgrade and patch Master server

  1. Backup the catalogs
  2. In a cluster environment, take NetBackup offline
  3. Deactivate all policies
  4. Uninstall old version of NetBackup (Solaris only)
  5. Upgrade the NetBackup software
  6. Stop all services
  7. Run the installation script
  8. Apply latest maintenance packs

NOTE:For Windows clustered environments, perform NetBackup upgrade installations from the system console, not from a Remote Terminal Services sessions.

Populate the EMM database

  1. Ensure that the daemons or services and processes are running.
  2. Run nbpushdata -add on the upgraded systems in the following order:
    1. The host that was the 5.x Global Device Database host
    2. All upgraded master servers
    3. All upgraded 5.x Volume Database hosts
  3. Restart the services/daemons.
  4. Run nbpushdata -modify_5x_hosts on all 6.0 master servers.

Upgrade the NetBackup Remote Administration Console System and any addition components

  1. Stop all services/daemons
  2. Run the installation.
  3. Apply the latest maintenace packs.
  4. Restart the services/daemons.
  5. Upgrade and add-on components.
  6. Install the latest maintenance packs for the add-on components.

Prepare, upgrade and Patch the Media servers

  1. Uinstall the old version of NetBackup (Solaris only).
  2. Upgrade the software:
      Stop all services/daemons.
    1. Run the instalation.
  3. Apply the latest maintenance packs.
  4. Restart the services/daemons.
  5. Populate the EMM database, running nbpushdata -add

Upgrade the clients

  1. Perform local or remote client upgrades.
  2. Install the latest maintenance packs.

Complete and Test the upgrade

  1. Activate the policies
  2. Run test backup jobs.
  3. Backup the catalogs.