Data Domain system clock

When using active directory mode for CIFS access, the data domain System clock time can differ by no more than five minutes from that of the domain controller.

You can use the data domain System Manager, System Settings > General Configuration > Time and Date Settings option to synchronises the clock with a time server.

Because the windows domain controller obtains the time from an external source, NTP must be configured. See the Microsoft documentation on how to configure NTP for the Windows operating system version or service pack that is running on your domain controller.

In active directory authentication mode, the data domain system periodically synchronizes the clock with a Windows Active Directory Domain Controller.

Synchronizing from a Windows domain controller

Use the command line on a Windows domain controller to synchronize with an NTP server.

  1. On the Windows system, enter commands similar to the following:
    C:\> w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist: ntp-server-name
    C:\> w32tm /config /update C:\>w32tm /resync
    NOTE: This example is for Windows 2003; substitute your domain server for the NTP server's name (ntpservername).
  2. After NTP is configured on the domain controller, configure the time server synchronization, as described in the section about working with time and date settings

Synchronize from an NTP server

Configure the time server synchronization, as described in the section regarding working with time and date settings.