Missing NetWorker groups after disk space issues

I recently came across a curious case of missing groups from the NetWorker configuration at a customer site. It all stemmed from a problem with disk space, namely the disk partition where NetWorker resided became full.

We firstly, increased the size of the partition for NetWorker, but still noticed that the groups were still missing.

In the end to resolve the problem we had to perform a recovery of the NetWorker resources.

There are two possible recovery situations:

  1. Check if your environment is backing up the partition where NetWorker is located. This will give you the possibility to restore the /nsr/res folder to a time prior to the issue occurring using the following steps:
    1. Retrieve the last File System backup of the backup server and select the res folder for restore
    2. Restore the res folder to a new location on the backup server
    3. Stop the NetWorker daemons
      # /etc/init.d/networker stop
    4. Rename the current res folder and copy the restored res folder to it's original location
    5. Restart the NetWorker daemons
      # /etc/init.d/networker start
    6. Make sure that the missing groups are now present and correctly configured in the media pool
  2. Use mmrecov command to restore the bootstrap (includes NetWorker configuration + Media Database)
    1. Stop and Restart the NetWorker services
      # /etc/init.d/networker stop
      # /etc/init.d/networker start
    2. Start mmrecov command (following all the prompts)
    3. Stop NetWorker daemons
      # /etc/init.d/networker stop
    4. Rename current res folder and rename the restored res.R folder into res folder
      # cd /nsr
      # mv res res.20140112
      # mv res.R res
    5. Start the NetWorker services
      # /etc/init.d/networker start