How to obtain NetWorker license keys

The following steps allow you to capture the license keys current installed on a given NetWorker server. It generates a simple text file with the current active and previously installed keys for completeness.

These steps do not modify any NetWorker resource configuration it simply extracts from a read-only source.

  1. Access a command-prompt or shell command on your NetWorker server
  2. Capture output to log file, using:
    # /usr/bin/script /var/tmp/nwkr_licenses.txt
  3. Start NetWorker command line administration tool (nsradmin)
    # /usr/sbin/nsr/nsradmin
  4. At the nsradmin> prompt type in the following two lines
    nsradmin> show name; enabler code; auth code; checksum
    nsradmin> print type: nsr license
  5. Once returned to the nsradmin> prompt, type quit to exit the utility
  6. Type exit to close the log capture
  7. Use your favourite text editor to view the contents of the license file /var/tmp/nwkr_licenses.txt