Setting VxVM permissions on volumes

A simple post showing how to set permissions on VxVM volumes using vxedit or via the GUI.

The vxedit utility sets and changes attributes for VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) configuration records that do not depend upon volume usage types.

Permissions and ownerships on the device files for volumes (i.e., /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/vol03) must be changed with the vxedit command. These device files go back to the defaults each time vxconfigd is enabled (i.e., everytime the system is booted). Running chmod/chown/chgrp will not persist after a reboot.

By vxedit command

vxedit -g <dg> set <options> <volume>
vxedit -g <dg> set user=username group=groupname mode=xxxx <volume>

For example:

# vxedit -g rootdg -v set user=sybase vol03
# vxedit -g oradg set user=oracle group=dba mode=640 oravol01
# vxedit -g atdg set user=sybase group=sybase rawvol2


  • right-click on the volume
  • make the changes in the properties window
  • hit APPLY