Installing EMC PowerPath on Solaris

This short document provides the steps necessary to install and license EMC PowerPath on A Solaris system.

The following steps are needed to install the EMC PowerPath package under Solaris

  1. Download the package from EMC powerlink site
  2. Change to the directory where the EMC PowerPath tar file was downloaded to.
  3. Unzip/untar the package
  4. Install the package
    # pkgadd -d EMCPower.SOLARIS.5.5.P01.b002
    The following packages are available:
    1 EMCpower EMC PowerPath
    (sparc) 5.5.x_bxxx
    Select package(s) you wish to process (or 'all' to process all packages). (default: all) [?,??,q]:
    Enter 1 and press ENTER.
    You are prompted for the directory where the PowerPath program files will be installed:
    Enter package base directory (default: /opt):
    Press ENTER to accept the default base directory (/opt), or type the path to an alternate base directory and press ENTER.
    This package contains scripts which will be executed
    with super-user permission during the process of
    installing this package.
    Do you want to continue with the installation of  [y,n,?]
    Enter y and press ENTER.
  5. Register the EMC PowerPath Before you can use the EMC powerpath software, you should register it using the EMC Powerpath License key received when you purchased the software from EMC. Use emcpreg tool to install EMC Powerpath license key as shown below.
    # emcpreg -install
    ===========   EMC PowerPath Registration ===========
    Do you have a new registration key or keys to enter?[n] y
    Enter the registration keys(s) for your product(s),
    one per line, pressing Enter after each key.
    After typing all keys, press Enter again.
    Key (Enter if done): **emc-powerpath-license-key**
    1 key(s) successfully added.
    Key successfully installed.
    Key (Enter if done):
    Key  is invalid, ignored.
    Try again or press Enter if done.
    1 key(s) successfully registered.
  6. Verify EMC PowerPath Registration
    # pkginfo -l EMCpower
       PKGINST:  EMCpower
          NAME:  EMC PowerPath
      CATEGORY:  system
          ARCH:  sparc
       VERSION:  5.5.P01_b002
       BASEDIR:  /opt
        VENDOR:  EMC Corporation
          DESC:  EMC Powerpath Multipathing, version 5.5.P01_b002
        PSTAMP:  dev:2012-06-18T08:39:23EDT
      INSTDATE:  Feb 23 2013 15:20
        STATUS:  completely installed
         FILES:      295 installed pathnames
                      47 directories
                     100 executables
                  185056 blocks used (approx)
  7. Verify EMC Powerpath Registration Use EMC powermt command to check the registration as shown below.
    # powermt check_registration
    Key **emc-powerpath-license-key**
      Product: PowerPath
      Capabilities: All
  8. Verify kernel modules
    # modinfo | grep -i emc
     30  13b26d8   2e30 255   1  emcpsf (PP SF
     31  13b5318  39618 278   1  emcp (PP Driver
     33 7befa000   2758   -   1  emcpgpx (PP GPX Ext
     34 7befe000  2aaa8   -   1  emcpmpx (PP MPX Ext
     35 7bf2a000   6768   -   1  emcpvlumd (PP VLUMD Manager
     36 7bf32000  1afd8   -   1  emcpxcrypt (PP XCRYPT Manager
     37 7bf4e000   aad0   -   1  emcpdm (PP DM Manager
     38  13fef88    200   -   1  emcpioc (PP PIOC