Installing SunLink DNI v8.0 on Solaris 2.x

Here is a quick installation procedure to install the SunLink DNI v8.0 product on a Sun Solaris 2.x based system.

NOTE: This the correct method of performing the install based on calls seen on SunSolve:

  1. Install DNI8.0 from CD-Rom and select the following packages only:
    1. SUNWabdni -- SunLink DNI8.0 AnswerBook
    2. SUNWdniCU -- SunLink DNI Core Utilities
  2. Install the following patches prior to the DNI Mail Agent package, in the following order:
    1. 101856-02
    2. 101458-03
    3. 102758-01
  3. Install the Mail Gateway package from DNI 8.0 CD-Rom and select the following package:
    1. SUNWdniMA -- SunLink DNI Mail Agent
  4. Reboot server