Marking an SSID or CLONEID as suspect-notsuspect

If you have multiple savesets in suspect mode or notsuspect mode and you want to change their mode one time without using scripts, you can follow these simple steps.

Firstly, you will need to run the mminfo command to get the details of the savesets which are marked as suspect, for example:

# mminfo -avot  -q suspect -r ssid,cloneid,volume

The above will output the saveset id, it's clone id and the volume in which the savesets are marked as suspect.

You could copy the output into a spreadsheet if you want, so it's easier to make off which savesets you've updated;

Now one at a time we can run the nsrmm command on the NetWorker server and change the status of the saveset, for example:

# nsrmm -y -o notsuspect  -S 2617625/1346792
# nsrmm -y -o notsuspect  -S 3615675/1526718
# nsrmm -y -o notsuspect  -S 5317721/1746601

The list of the entire ssid/clone id will be marked as notsuspect and then can be shown for running a clone job or for a recovery.


  • The same method is used for deleting multiple save sets or clone id by using the nsrmm -d command
  • Replace the above example with the right command and the correct SSID or Clone id
  • Make sure the SSID's before deletion as once deleted cannot be retrieved.