Adding a SAMBA user

This is a short how-to post to provide simple steps to add users to a SAMBA environment.

  • create a UNIX user on the server, with the same name as the user's 'Active Directory' domain login:
    # useradd
  • Associate 2 groups to user as part of this they should have at least 2 groups associated with the user account:
    • samba group to be able to access the samba share
    • the appropriate application group for access to the particular directory (ie: revenue)
  • The uid of the account needs to be low value.
  • Once the UNIX user is added, the samba user should be added. (use webmin, or cli, the choice is yours)
  • Set samba password
    # smbpasswd —a <username>
    • this prompts for a password which can be blank as samba authenticates against the user's active directory account and not the UNIX account
    • On the windows client, you'll need to map the network drive when the users logs in.
    • User will need to log off and back on again, and the share should be mapped.