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Private and public key pairs for SSH

SSH has a key management capacity and related agents.When configured with public key authentication, your key proves your identity to remote SSH hosts

sadmind daemon vulnerability

In its default configuration sadmind uses a set of clear text Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to authenticate between two machines.

Solaris Secure by Default

This project changes the default configuration of the Solaris OS such that ssh is the only network-listening service.

Sun EEPROM Security

On Sun workstations and servers you can interact with the boot EEPROM (NVRAM) at any time by holding down the STOP (L1) key and pressing the "a" key

Using SSH login without password

An article outlining steps needed to be able to use the SSH to access a remote system without supplying a password each time that you connect.

Locking down your Solaris system

With later releases of Solaris, if you want to, you can manually lock down your system using the netstat, svcs and svcadm commands.